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Waterhog Eco Elite Entry

WaterHog Eco Elite is the ultimate entrance mat for high traffic areas. The rubber reinforced ‘herringbone’ profile prevents the unique dirt entrapment system from flattening even in the highest traffic areas. This is the most durable, hard wearing mat on the market and a proven performer in the busiest entrance.
Applications Description

WaterHog Eco Elite is very environmentally friendly being 100% post-consumer P.E.T polyester reclaimed from plastic bottles and the backing recycled from car tyres.  This durable polypropylene fibre will not fade, rot or stain. WaterHog Eco Elite is .

  • Anti-static and highly slip resistant entry tiles
  • Intense wear 100% polypropylene pile
  • Effectively traps dirt and moisture
  • Heavy duty nitrile rubber backing, with cleats
  • Crush resistant rubber reinforced face nubs
  • Available with heavy duty edging for loose lay mats or can be cut into mat wells
  • Available 1830mm wide or can be custom cut to your specifications