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Standing for long periods on hard floors is one of the most common causes of physical stress and fatigue.
This is called Standing Worker Fatigue Syndrome.
Anti-fatigue matting is one of the most effective and simple ways to reduce this. It works by encouraging movement of leg and calf muscles, promoting blood flow back to the heart. Workers reported they felt less tired resulting in increased productivity and happy, healthy workers.
Work place mats for anti-fatigue and safety come in a variety of profiles and can be a standard size mat, a runner custom cut to length or tiles to fit large or irregular shaped work areas. These can be open or closed top with yellow or black safety ramped edges.

Slippery floors are a major cause of workplace injuries, many of which are very serious and costly. The right floor protection can greatly reduce slip and fall accidents and the subsequent costs to employers and building owners.
They can come in open or closed top surface made from natural rubber, oil and grease resistant, chemical resistant, anti-bacterial and 100% nitrile rubber.