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A low-profile, anti-microbial mat, with a tacki-back adhesive to ensure it remains fastened to the floor. Rolling traffic such as wheelchairs, cart and buggy traffic doesn't cause SureStride to move or shift due to it's tacki-back adhesive keeping it flat and in-place.
Applications Description

Stop germs spreading with anti-microbial mats designed to act as a barrier to stop harmful bacteria from entering or being transferred through an environment from footwear.  Trapping the germs, at the doorway, is the easiest way to prevent germs spreading to keep areas clean, sterile, safe and dry.

  • Anti-microbial treated for odour resistance
  • Tacki-backed for secure floor placement
  • Absorbs 1.25L of moisture m²
  • Suitable for rolling traffic - such as wheelchairs, cart and buggy traffic
  • Anti-slip - reduces slips and falls
  • Improves facility hygiene 
  • Keeps floors dry
  • Dries quickly due to mat dissipating water
  • Disposable after 3-6 months
  • Easy install and clean
  • 900mm wide
  • Approx. 2mm thick
  • Colour - Grey Smoke
  • Freight free within New Zealand

Price: $45.00
(inc. GST and Freight)

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