ClassicPlus Entrance Mats (9% recycled Nylon)

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ClassicPlus Entrance Mat - Do you stop dirt at the door for a cleaner floor? ClassicPlus compliments Texas Rubber mat outside by wiping footwear clean inside.


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ClassicPlus compliments Texas Rubber outside mat by wiping footwear clean inside.

Water absorbent nylon pile - ClassicPlus is made from high twist nylon yarn
that is permanently bonded to the rubber backing.
Non-slip 100% nitrile rubber backing - with safety cleats to resist slipping
Static electricity dissapative nylon - ClassicPlus has thousands of carbon
filaments every metre to safely and harmlessly dissipate static electricity. Repeated washing
does not diminish the effectiveness of ‘StaticStopper’, it is permanently built in,
regular cleaning will instead ensure it remains effective.

Launderable for ease of cleaning - ClassicPlus can be safely machine washed
in water not exceeding 40C and is easy to maintain with regular vacuuming.
Regular cleaning is important to prolong mat life and maintain effectiveness and
Long life 15mm reinforced rubber edges  to add strength and keep your mat laying flat.

Standard Sizes: 900x600mm, 900x1500mm (Golden Brown, Deeper Navy, Dark Green, Solid Red,Slate, Wine) 900 x 1200, 900x2400mm, 1200 x 1800mm (Deeper Navy & Slate only)
900x3000mm (Slate only),
• ClassicPlus is fully guaranteed against failure due to manufacturing defects for 2 years subject to correct installation and maintenance

Prices are per mat including GST and freight free to your address in New Zealand

Buy direct on line call 0800 102 413 or  for colours available each size

The bigger the mat outside the smaller the mess inside!!



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